CrossFit Dictionary and Common Terms

Anyone know what the acronym SCUBA stands for? Neither did I until I looked it up. 

CrossFit can be known for having its own language.   Here is your resource for most common gym lingo you will hear being tossed around.

As always, don't be afraid to ask a coach for clarification. 

AKBS/RKBS-American Kettlebell Swings/Russian Kettlebell Swings

AMRAP-As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible

EMOM/E2MOM- Every Minute on the Minute/Every 2 Minutes On the Minute

HSPU/HRPU- Handstand PushUp/Hand-Release Push Up

MetCon-Metabolic Conditioning

OHS- Overhead Squats

OLY LIFTS- Clean andJerk and Snatch

RFT-Rounds For Time (sometimes with a number associated with it-2RFT)

RX- doing the workout with prescribed weights and movements

SCALED-modifying you workout

SDLHP-sumo deadlift high-pull

S2OH/G2OH-shoulder to overhead/ ground to overhead

T2B/K2E/K290- toes to bar/knees to elbow/knees to 90(hanging knee raises)

WOD-workout of the day

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