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Corona Update and Resources

Updated: Apr 17

Crew, I hope everyone is finding ways to enjoy the weather, take advantage of extra family, and slow down maybe if just a bit!


I have put together a post for everyone that has some ideas and resources on all things in the time of Corona: fitness, nutrition, mental health, kids..etc. So read on and hopefully something is helpful and you can take away to make this time a little more manageable to navigate.


1. Keep watching the FB page for our daily workouts, and every Saturday at 8am, a live workout on Facebook. If you are still interested in some extra programming through TrueCoach, please reach out; I have enjoyed getting to add some more weight training for people.

2. In addition, take this opportunity to try a new option for fitness. Try running more often, or checking out our yoga classes on Sunday and Mondays. Keeping your body challenged in different area is always a good thing.

3. Make your at home workouts harder:

a. Using load ! ( anything here works! Really...no ones watching, who cares)

b. Decrease rest time.

c. Add in tempo...particularly if you don't have weights: increase time under tension

4. Get the whole family involved! Many of the WODS I put up, your kids can do.


Try as hard as you can to keep a normal routine of meals and snacks. I find that when I don't keep my daily eating pretty similar, I end up kind of winging that day and overeat, make poor choices for food, or forget to eat (none of which we want).

Simple and Helpful Nutrition Guidelines or Tips:

1. 3 full meals + 2 snacks

2. Try to eat veggies at least for 2 of those 3 meals.

3. Choose as close to whole food as you can get ..minimize processed foods.

4. Keep your carb sources simple: sweet potatoes,grains,beans, fruit, brown rice, oatmeal , etc

5. Drink a glass of water shortly after waking

6. Take an evening walk! Great way to get extra steps in, curb evening cravings and unwind.


Many of us are juggling lots of schedules as well as the added tension of having the kids around all day, indoors more, and maybe increased boredom or even anxiety. Here are a few resources for helping them stay active, game ideas, and some resources on the more mental health side of things for them.


1. Simple Outdoor Game Options

This is the youtube site of a friend of mine who is a Outdoor Recreation Director for Raleigh and has some neat simple ideas for games.

2. Mental Health Resource for You and Your Kids:

Parenting on Your Own Path

Emily is also a personal training client of mine who is a child psychologist. On this Facebook page of hers, she offers advice and insights into how to navigate this time with your children. She also has a youtube channel,: Dr Emily TV where she reads stories, adresses hot button topics for parents,(screen time, maintaining mental health, etc) and a plethora of helpful information.

3. Work out with your kids!


Many have a bit more flexibility in their schedule for free time, others don't. But everyone has been forced to stay a little bit closer to home or engage in activities with less people. Here is a list of a few things I have been doing or seen that have helped pass the time.

1. Cook..(try out new recipes with the whole family!)

2. Pick Strawberries at Hunt Strawberry Farm in N. Raleigh:

( $12 a bucket and very few people!! )

3. Spring Cleaning and Donate Items Using this Organization

**We are going to be having a community outreach opportunity for Give Back Box soon, but this is a great intro into them.

4. Museum Free Virtual Tours

Stay in touch! Send me pictures, and don't forget our Game Night Zoom call Tuesday, April 21st @8pm! Stay tuned for details.

Stronger Together,


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