• Katherine Lee

December's Member of the Month

I have come to truly love writing these posts for our members. It gives me a chance to reflect on the amazing community we have at Hayes Barton CrossFit and the unique personality traits and stories of those whom I call friends.

This month, I am excited to announce that our member of the month is Charlie Smith. Charlie is another member who has been a dedicated member for a while and is on the cusp of his 500th class: STUD! Charlie is a hard-working athlete at Hayes Barton CrossFit and one of the few who doesn't give me the evil eye or stare down when I program running in a WOD (Thanks, Charlie). He is loved by all and will sneak up behind you in a workout if you are slacking off at the end.

Charlie is a man who also loves his family deeply, loves Georgia football as a close second and has a variety of skills and passions outside of moving large loads long distances, quickly. Read on to learn more about the man we call " Chuck Dawg".

1. How did you come to be a member at HBCF?

I came to HBCF in April/May 2017 after our 3rd child, Charlie, was born, and my wife and I decided we wanted to be in better shape to keep up the energy and strength it takes to chase around 3 children. After my wife Gigi drove by and suggested it, and then finding out our neighbor, Paul was also a member, the deal was sealed!

2. What are some ways you think HBCF and the overall CrossFit approach has improved your life?

CrossFit has helped my energy level, as well as my stress level. Not to mention the overall improvement of my conditioning and fitness . Activities like getting on the floor with my kids, or carrying around heavy stones for work have felt more manageable.

I won't ever forget our first State Fair just a few months after I joined the gym. It was so exciting to be able to push the stroller (over 100lbs of kids) around without breaking a sweat, on a very hot day mind you. Before finding HBCF, this would not have been possible.

3. What is something you enjoy about HBCF?

The workouts and the people. It is easier to wake up at 615am every morning when you like the people you get to see and hang out with! (Agree 100%, Charlie)

4. What do you love and enjoy doing outside of the gym?

Oh that's easy: 430am walks with my 3 dogs, doing all the dishes, folding laundry and wait...I can change a mean diaper. Aren't those the top 4 hobbies of any dad?

When I am not doing those things I love, in the little amount of free time I have, I do really enjoy spending time with the kids, and watching them grow up. Family trips(Disney 2019 is nearing), Georgia football, fishing and the occasional duck hunting trips take up the rest of my time.

5. Finish the prompt:

- If you were arrested with no explanation, your family and friends would assume it was for... getting too rowdy watching a Georgia football game. (#dedicatedfan)

6. What are some of your goals at HBCF?

I am nearing that 500 mark class which is a huge accomplishment! (shoutout to the 500 club). For me, this shows that I have stuck with it and made it an important part of my daily routine. Moving forward, I would love to get stronger, and lose some weight.

That wraps up our December Member of the Month. Thanks for taking us out for 2019, Charlie, and setting the stage for a great 2020. Let's start thinking about those goals as we head into the new year and know that with a strong community, hard work, and a willingness to fail, and try again, we can do pretty amazing things. #strongertogether

Love this crew.

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