• Katherine Lee

February's Member of the Month: Liam Hall

If you are a fan of any of the above: NC State , basketball, everything bagels, or good music, then you and Liam can surely become fast friends and crush partner workouts together at the gym.

Liam came to us a few months back never having done CrossFit . Having a background in basketball and lacrosse he was the perfect candidate to be a newbie who would surely reap all the newbie gains we veteran CrossFitters are so jealous of. ( at least I am) And he has both reaped and sown these gains getting better with what seems like each class.

Liam has a drive to continually improve, work hard and demonstrates strong intrinsic motivation. He is always open to feedback, takes instruction to heart and damn, does he move fast.

1. Tell us about how you came to find HBCF? I had spent time trying out a lot of the boxes in the area and Hayes Barton CrossFit was just the one I liked the best.

2. What are some ways CrossFit's approach to fitness and your time at Hayes Barton CrossFit has bettered you?

I am definitely in the best shape I have been since playing high school sports, and I often found it challenging to make the gym a part of my normal routine in college. In addition, I have really enjoyed the mental aspect and toughness that comes into play during workouts.

3. What does life look like for you outside the gym? What do you enjoy doing? I really enjoy playing basketball, playing poker and video games. I can also be found reading or just spending quality time with my friends.

4. Share with us 1 thing about yourself most people may not know. I volunteer with a high school ministry called Young Life at Athens Drive High School. It has been a great experience in that it has allowed me to both mentor and build relationships/friendships with some awesome teenagers. I have also enjoyed my time as an assistant coach for the basketball and lacrosse teams at Athens Drive.

5. You are arrested and your friends and family are not told why. What would their guess be as to what your sentence was? I stole the Declaration of Independence. (Ok, Nicholas Cage)

6. Lastly, walk out/pump up song? Love Story- Taylor Swift. That song is a banger, in Liam's words.

It's been great to have Liam as part of our Hayes Barton CrossFit community and look to see him on the Games stage in about 3 years.

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