• Katherine Lee

Hayes Barton's First-Ever Member Feature

Hayes Barton CrossFit would be nothing without its amazing athletes and members. They are the ones who walk through the doors and take on new challenges, open themselves to growth, and develop themselves into cooler, more awesome humans everyday.

That is why we want to take the time and highlight who these ballers are. This is the first of many member-featured blog posts. Here you will learn a little bit more about who we are, and the amazing people that make HBCF your, "neighborhood friendly, CrossFit."

Introducing Jonathan Wade:

From PR's in the gym to recent new additions to the furry side of the family(new puppy and kitten within 1 month of each other), Jonathan Wade has been with Hayes Barton CrossFit from the beginning. He is the member with the highest attendance rate at the gym and always shows up ready to crush workouts, talk smack and work his tail off. You can always tell if Jonathan Wade has been in the gym due to his love of chalk and the trail he leaves after WODs.

We caught up with Jonathan and asked him a few questions to learn more about what makes him tick and what his life looks like outside his time at the gym.

How did you become a member at Hayes Barton CrossFit?

The wife forced me to go. She kept telling me that I should try it!

How are some ways CrossFit has improved your health and wellness?

I lost a ton of weight and it also helps manage me manage my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I also sleep better and feel it has simply improved my over-all well being.

What do you enjoy doing with your time outside of the gym?

I love spending my time with my wife and 2 kids.

What is one goal you have for yourself at the gym?

I would like to do kipping pull-ups one day.

Finish the prompt: If you were arrested with no explanation, your friends and family would assume it was for...... public urination 🤣

Your walkout song would be: Thunderstruck by ACDC

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