• Katherine Lee

January's Member of the Month

This month we are doing something a little bit different. This month we are still highlighting a member of Hayes Barton CrossFit, but coach edition.

Meet Andrew Kraska: a purple-loving, dog-obsessed, CrossFit coach , friend and husband and soon to be PA student, ohhh, and Ravens fan( not all his choices can be commendable). Andrew has been with Hayes Barton CrossFit from the beginning (shoutout to our founders) and is a dedicated and passionate coach.

Let's see what member's have to say about Andrew before we dive into all the "get to know you" details.

"No rep"

"Andrew Kraska, the reasonable coach"

"We are working on his musical choices, poor guy has no ears..but amazing athlete and coach. I'd say he needs glasses to asses perfect form, though."

"Questions, comments, concerns, regrets?"

"If I break into dance, he lets me..but I know he's silently judging me :) I mean, you gotta slip a move in every once in a while."

Andrew, is deeply loved!

Enjoy reading up on Raleigh's finest, and most eligible non-bachelors and give him a huge high five next time you see him. He is gonna do big things.

1. Tell us about how you came to find HBCF?

I really just stumbled upon this new gym opening close to my house and decided to give it a try, needing something different from my previous box.

2. What is one thing you love about coaching? 1 thing that is challenging?

It is always so incredibly exciting to watch any athlete achieve a new record or personal best; anywhere from a heavier clean and jerk to his/her first pull up. On the flip side, finding ways to tailor motivation/instruction to each athlete is also hard. Some do better with silence, while others loud encouragement.

3. What does life outside of the gym look like for you?

By day I am a medical assistant, gaining experience until I head to PA school. I enjoy spending time with my wonderful wife, Hannah and our two dogs: Winnie and Posie.

4. Share with us 1 thing you are excited about coming up in life and a 2020 goal you have.

While nerve-wracking, I am thrilled about the opportunity to be attending PA school this coming summer. As for 2020- I would love to have a CrossFit total of 1,000lbs!

5. You are arrested and your friends and family are not told why. What would their guess be as to what your sentence was?

Hands down, dog-theft. Neighbors beware.

6. Lastly, walk out/pump up song?

Easy: "For the Sake of Brevity" by Tiny Moving Parts.

Andrew is a fierce double under wonder in the gym, has a healthy obsession with Cook Out milkshakes and loves giving back to others. Only hiccup I am most have with him...his choice of NFL team- The Ravens. I overlook that though because all his good outweighs that one bad feature.

We love you Kraska, and wish you the best for whatever comes next .

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