• Katherine Lee

March's Member of the Month: Meghan Gervais

Meet Meghan. She is a transplant from the cold, ice-cream land of Vermont studying pre-law at Peace University and she's got that subtle, " I am gonna change the world" mentality that I love. Meghan showed up to the steps of Hayes Barton CrossFit in October of 2019, and having only been with us for a few short weeks, decided to tackle the Open. If you have ever done the Open, you'll know her choice was borderline crazy. They must breed them with lots of grit and determination in Vermont.

We have loved having Meghan be a part of our community, and she is the only member with a parking spot out in the front of the gym with her name on it... that's freakin' special. I think we will keep Meghan around for a while; she laughs at my jokes, is the only other plant-based athlete in the gym who will humor my nutrition talk, and works unbelievably hard and it shows. Oh, and she has damn fine taste in her shoes...they are suede for crying out loud.. they must be magical, because she lifts heavy and does it flawlessly.

Learn about Meghan:

1. Tell us about how you came to find HBCF? I found that I really enjoyed working out, and that it also worked as a stress reliever, but did not like how strictly strength training affected my endurance. I heard about CF and found Hayes Barton CrossFit to be quite the friendly box.

2. What are some ways CrossFit's approach to fitness and your time at Hayes Barton CrossFit has bettered you?

It is attractive to me how CrossFit requires not only physical strength but mental strength too. Because of this, my stress level is aided by consistent time in the gym. There is also a competitive, but friendly environment at Hayes Barton CrossFit that I enjoy, second to none by the camaraderie I feel too!

3. What does life look like for you outside the gym? What do you enjoy doing? When I am not at the gym or working, I spend most the my time relaxing with my dog and friends. If I am feeling ambitious I also enjoy hiking , kayaking, and really most outdoor activities.

4. Share with us 1 thing about yourself most people may not know. Most people have no idea I really enjoy making music. Growing up, I played quite the variety of instruments and I came to find that I actually really liked playing the vibraphone in a jazz band; super fun.

5. You are arrested and your friends and family are not told why. What would their guess be as to what your sentence was? I actually asked many close friends and family regarding this, and there was a general consensus: my driving :)

6. Lastly, walk out/pump up song? Anything by the Jonas Brothers is a sure fire way to get pumped up..works every time.

Between Meghan's love of the Jonas Brothers and ability to play the vibraphone, Liam's love of Taylor Swift and guitar skills, and my love of singing, I think we might just have the start of a Hayes Barton CrossFit band...not to mention Jack on the drums. Currently seeking a band manager and band name!

Meghan is a super dedicated member at our gym and I have really enjoyed picking her brain about why she chose Pre-Law as an UNDERGRADUATE! student, and the stories behind all her fun tattoos. She is a great choice for any and all partner WODs and I have never experienced Meghan to back down from doing extra work .

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