• Katherine Lee

November's Member of the Month

November is flying by, but in the midst of the holiday crazy quickly approaching, we remember to recognize our members because they make it all worth it. And they are pretty cool, and do awesome things.

This month I am thrilled to introduce to our greater community: Olivia Daniels. Olivia is an extremely genuine individual with a huge heart, fantastic style and an angelic voice....although I have yet to get her to sing for us.

One thing I really appreciate about Olivia is her approach and attitude towards CrossFit and her workouts. There are days that you look at the whiteboard/WOD and think, "No way, that looks insanely hard." Olivia takes a look at the workout and while she still might think it looks awful, she decides to simply give it her best, push herself and see what happens- love that outlook, lady! We could all take our workouts a little less seriously sometimes; it is supposed to be fun after all.

Enjoy the interview.

How did you come to be a member at Hayes Barton CrossFit?

I was new to the area when I found HBCF. I was looking for something a little different than the typical gym experience, and desired more than just a space where people plug into their devices, workout and then go home. I was hoping to find a way to be more rooted in my new, Raleigh community.

Also, I live so close to HBCF that I could walk, therefore I had no excuse not to be there!

What are some ways you think Hayes Barton CrossFit and the general CrossFit approach to fitness has improved your life?

Hayes Barton CrossFit made CrossFit more approachable. I don't come from an athletic background, but HBCF helped get over some of that intimidation surrounding this sport. Between the smaller classes, members and coaches, HBCF gave me a safe place to get in a good workout, grow and feel accepted.

As for the CrossFit methodology, this idea that working out was a means to be functioning better in everyday life, I could totally get behind and wanted to be a part of long term. Before CrossFit, I watched my parents take care of my grandmother in the last years of her life. I remember one day my dad sharing with me that if he had not previously had a solid physical foundation, there was no way he could have taken care of her the way he did- the constant lifting and moving was hard.

I want to be healthy now AND later. Looking forward and keeping the big picture in mind, I want to be able to do for my parents what they did for theirs-CrossFit helps ensure that can be a possibility.

What do you love doing when you aren't at the gym or working?

SING! I went to school for music and am classically trained; Opera for the win! I sing everywhere, no but really, I do. Home, work, church, the grocery store, there is always a song in my head. (Check out Michael Buble's song: "Just Haven't Met You Yet"...this is what I picture Olivia is doing) I hope to find new ways to sing in Raleigh in the upcoming years.

Outside of that, I love coffee! Find me at Jubala or B&W coffee shop reading!

Finish the prompt: If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume it was for?

Speeding, no doubt!! Watch out, Raleigh!

What are goals you have for yourself in the gym?

Besides getting stronger and maintaining functionality, it would be really nice to do a pull up...one day

Lastly, what is your walkout song(s)?

How to choose just one! I guess I'll give you my top 5:

> Yeah- Usher

> In the End- Lincoln Park

> Don't Stop Me Now- Queen

> Crazy in Love- Beyonce

> Don't Rain on My Parade:Barbara Streisand

All good song options, Olivia. It sounds like the beginning of a great playlist! Huge shoutout to Olivia for taking the time to share with us a little bit about what makes her another integral part of our HBCF community!

If anyone needs a singer, she should be your first call! I know she won't disappoint.

Until next month!

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