• Katherine Lee

October's Member of the Month

Fall is here, finally, and we've got another member to highlight. Our community is full of men and women who do so many unique things, have been to amazing places, and here on this blog, we get to share those experiences and qualities with the world.

Let me introduce you to Walter Daniel. Walter came to us less than a year ago and has since shown us how to jump rope unbelievably fast, have a deeper appreciation for president trivia questions(I am still clueless about most of them), and added to our ever-growing divided gym in regards to Duke, UNC and State fans. (He leans towards the dark blue side :)

Enjoy the interview.

How did you come to be a member at Hayes Barton CrossFit?

All credit goes to Eric Kivisto( one of our very own) who lives in my neighborhood . After his son, Carter, introduced himself to my sons, and they became friends, Eric shared with me about what was going on down the street at HBCF, and I decided to give it a try. While living in Kazakhstan for many years I would spend my mornings before work working out at a local gym taking one-on-one kickboxing classes, and even occasionally sparring with other athletes.

I have found that CrossFit and kick-boxing have many similarities, and the fast-paced, often exhausting early-morning classes at HBCF have been a great addition to my exercise regimen.

What are some ways you think Hayes Barton CrossFit and the general Crossfit approach to fitness has improved your life?

Thanks to CrossFit, I have lost weight and added on muscle! In general, I feel great and have more energy. The workouts are often short and intense and you leave class feeling exhausted and early morning classes allow me to get the exercise part out of the way for the day.

I dislike running, or in my case is better described as slow jogging, but the workouts provide great cardiovascular exercise while also working different muscle groups.

What do you love doing when you aren't at the gym or working?

I enjoy spending time with my family and getting to travel for vacations. In addition, I am passionate about reading- whether that is history, the Wall Street Journal or the general news. My interests also include listening to podcasts about libertarian economics and policy. (I will leave those up to you, Walter! )

In the food and beverage and sports areas of simple pleasures, a good burger and steak frites go a long way, and of course paired with a glass of red wine or other suitable adult beverage, you can't go wrong. Lastly, you can catch me watching UFC, rooting for Duke basketball and Texas football!

Share with us some interesting facts about yourself.

I speak Russian and have lived all over the world: Dubai, UAE, Tripoli, Libya, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

Finish the prompt: If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume it was for?

Conspiracy to steal valuable art and artifacts from a museum. (That sounds like a great plot line for a movie, Walter. )

What are goals you have for yourself in the gym?

I would like to improve my overall intensity by moving more weight over a shorter period of time (increasing those reps during a workout), and pursuing those Rx standards.

Lastly, what is your walkout song(s)?


Queen's Greatest Hits; We Will Rock You , followed by , We are the Champions.

All Hail to Woodberry Forest for these songs that live on from my wrestling days circa 1989-1990.

Walter, what a great interview. So much to learn and thanks for sharing! Keep showing up, putting in the work, and the progress will come.

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