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September's Member of the Month Feature : Griffin Lamb

It's that time again for us to highlight another great member of our community. Griffin came to us just this summer when she and her family were making their transition and moving to Raleigh, and boy are we glad she found us. Griffin is a well- rounded athlete who makes proper form and technique her main priority as she moves through her workouts, and always gives 110%.

Hailing from the Greenville, NC area, we are thrilled to have her and her family here now in Raleigh and as an integral member at Hayes Barton CrossFit!

Welcome Griffin and Co, from all of us here at HBCF. Read on to learn a little more about Griffin, her family and her love of the outdoors.

1. How did you become a member of Hayes Barton CrossFit?

I googled boxes upon moving to Raleigh and this was the closest to our house! I have tried others in the area and really like the friendly atmosphere of the early morning crew. We all have families and jobs to attend to after class, but for that one hour we just work hard and have fun!

2. What are some ways you have seen CrossFit improve the many aspects of your life?(mental, physical, emotional..)

CrossFit encourages me to push myself harder than I would on my own. I have plenty of internal motivation in regards to exercise, but I would never have loaded a barbell on my own.

After having twins and a C-section my core was in weak shape, and running alone could not provide the strength I needed- CrossFit did that for me!

3. What are some goals you have for yourself at the gym?

I try hard to keep up with the 6:15am guys, and I am pushing myself towards using the recommended females weights during the workouts. I am working towards also not ignoring those mobility exercises.

4. Give us a special fact about yourself that many may not know?

I played trumpet in the middle school band!

6. What do you love and enjoy doing outside of the gym and work?

My family and I love being outside. I love trails of all kinds, especially those with snow. I can also be found reading, and rooting for Davidson Wildcats and NC Pack!

7. Lastly, Griffin, you have a choice of walk out song....what would it be?

Definitely something from the 80's though I am horrible with names and artists of song.

Thanks Griffin! Our members are fantastic! Keep an eye out for next month's featured member and give Griffin a high-five next time you see her at the gym.

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