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Wednesday, August 14th

August 14, 2019

A. 10 min : Double Under Practice


Step 1: Make sure you have a good handle on your single under rhythm.

Step 2: Practice a power jump(without a rope). Your jump should involve straight legs in a hollow position. 

Step 3: Practice getting 1 DU. Not in a sequence, simply 1 rep. 

Step 4: Practice interspersing 1 DU in between multiple SU. You have to work here to find that rhythm for the transition between your SU and DU. 


Note: If you are serious about trying to get double unders, I would also encourage you to get your OWN jump rope that you can be consistent with!


B. 12 RFT(cap 18 min)

4 WB(20/14)

6 box jump overs(24/20)

10 v -ups


**E4 rounds - 200m run (including after round 12)





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