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Monday, March 16th

March 15, 2020

The week is operating as normal as of right now! Please be prudent in making choices as to whether or not coming makes sense for you and past travel, or symptomatic feelings. Please take the health of our whole community into consideration when making these decisions. 


Thank you team:)


A. Strength


i. Bench Press: E2min x 6

-3 reps at 85% of last weeks 3RM

-1 by AMRAP drop set ( drop 10-15 lbs)


ii. 5x5 weighted push ups or 5x6 regular push ups


B. Conditioning

8 rounds ( 45 sec on : 20 sec off) 


Round 1: complex- 3 KB DL + 3 KB cleans (choice of weight)

Round 2: bike for calories

Round 3: straight leg raises

Round 4: 3-5 wall walks


**Repeat 3x**


Accessory: 3 x10 R/10L 1/2 TGU (KB or DB) 




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