Monday, March 30th

March 29, 2020

Murph Prep Mondays: From here on out, until we are back in the gym, Mondays will be a workout that is some variation of Murph. What a great time we have in the next month to work on this kind of stamina and strength.


Option A: 10 Rounds For Time

20 squat jumps

10 push ups

5 hollow rocks


Option B: 10 Rounds For Time

10 squat jumps

5 push ups

5 hollow rocks


*Looking for a challenge, make your push ups incline/decline, 1-leg, or add weight!*


REST (as more than 5 min)


5 Rounds

Min 1: 5 burpees

Min 2: 10 burpees

Min 3: 15 burpees 

Min 4-5:30 (90 sec) : 20 burpees

Min 5:30-7:30 : 25 burpees










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