Thursday , April 2nd

April 2, 2020

In 30 min: 


First 10 min:

Run for time!



10 dive bomber push ups or pike push ups 

15 standing knee drives( L)

10 single leg squat to bench/chair( L)

15 standing knee drives(R)

10 single leg squat to bench/chair (R)


Finisher - For Time-:Complete in any order

50 lying leg lifts (both sides) **if you have bands, use them!

50 dips

50 plank body saws - (**foreram plank rocking back and forth!)




1. standing knee drive: balance on 1 leg. Extend arms, and opposite leg long, then crunch together..FAST! The lower in my lunge position I can get the harder and more effective this is!


2. Single-leg squat: Use a chair or bench as a target. Squat back to the bench or chair while keeping one leg elevated! * A light weight helps here to provide a counter balance!














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