Tuesday, June 9th

June 8, 2020

**Programming Note: 

My hope is that we are about 3 weeks out from opening..I am going to be adding more weighted movements into the programming. No worries if you don't have those weights, there will be options. I want us to start really priming our bodies to get back under some load. 


Don't forget to check out our outdoor schedule and join us at Fred Fletcher Park Tuesday-Saturday. 


Every 90 sec: 60 sec work- 30 sec rest  x 9 rounds


NOTE: You will most likely need two different weights here! 1-arm OH squats are WAY different than what you can handle for your lunges!


round 1:1- arm OH squats( switch every 5 reps)       option: goblet squats

round 2: bird dogs ( light weight optional for an added challenge)

round 3: alternating pendulum lunges ( weight optional, but encouraged)





min 0-9:

15 ab mat sit ups

20 mtn climbers( total)

15 OH press 

1 shuttle run


min 9-18:

10 ab mat sit ups

15 mtn climbers (total)

5R/5L jerks 

2 shuttle runs








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