New Cycle Notes

Training Block: February 17th-March 29th

To Get the Most out of Your Training:

  1. Don’t shy away from hard days/ WODS with movements you don’t like. These are typically the ones you should prioritize(goes unsaid). We work on all areas of our fitness in CrossFit… we aim to work our weaknesses…not ALL the time, but also never.

  2. Your ego is not your amigo. Come in ready to work and occasionally needing to adjust weights, rep schemes or movements in order to move well, be safe and have fun. An attitude/mindset of growth and positivity is what I ask, and what your fellow athletes deserve.

  3. Focus on sleep and nutrition. The saying is true “ you can’t out train a bad diet.” There are so many factors within our control that can help set us up to get the most out of each workout and be able to push ourselves, so take a look at these factors.

  4. Be a team player. We are a community, and so look out for one another. Cheer on a fellow athlete if you finish before them, or make sure to give a shoutout/high five to someone in your class, daily.  Your wins are our wins.

Strength Focus: (Mondays and Thursdays)

   Bench Press and Thrusters are going to be the two main barbell lifts Monday and Thursdays. We will be working up to finding a 1-rep bench press over the course of the 6 weeks working off percentages and getting increasingly heavier. You will see thrusters programmed in a variety of structures, but typically by themselves as the main lift or with 1 other movement. We are going to be working heavier thrusters this cycle, so get ready!In addition to, and on these two days, you will be seeing an increase in accessory work. These two days will focus more on the main lift coupled with DB or KB moves that target supporting muscles. This work isn’t always fun or pretty, but it’s worth it.

Lastly, these two days will finish off with metcons ranging in time from 4-8 minutes. Quick, cardio-based, light weight or bodyweight moves are the focus so we can move….FAST

Non-Strength Days: (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays will be metcons focusing more on barbell cycling or skill-based movements. Workouts will range from 12-30 minutes, and there will be 1 WOD/week that is an endurance WOD that is longer in time and is tough! Don’t shy away from these. Some hero WODS will be thrown in there.  

All good things ahead. Excited for these next 6 weeks with everyone which will carry us into spring!

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