March 31, 2020

A new month! Let's get after it!



3 skater jumps (per side)

5 reaching scissor kicks

6 skater jumps(per side)

5 reaching scissor kicks

9 skater jumps (per side)

increasing skater jumps 3 reps(both sides for the first 15 min)

then, remaining 7 min, 


20 bicycle crunches

10 single-leg glute bridges( switch legs per round)

10 superman / laying back extensions

CASH OUT: 30 tuck jumps

March 30, 2020

Week 2 Day 2 Home WODs

Daily Movement:

100 air squats

50 push ups

**Grab a moderate weight for this workout!*

EMOM 20 (45 sec work : 15 sec rest)

Min 1: lateral plank walk with push up(5 lateral plank steps, then a push up)

Min 2: RDL or good mornings 

Min 3: thrusters (DB or KB or any weight you have)

Min 4: v- ups

Rest as needed



5 bird dogs (R)

10 alternating plank arm lifts 

5 bird dogs (L) 

10 alternating plank leg lifts

March 29, 2020

Murph Prep Mondays: From here on out, until we are back in the gym, Mondays will be a workout that is some variation of Murph. What a great time we have in the next month to work on this kind of stamina and strength.

Option A: 10 Rounds For Time

20 squat jumps

10 push ups

5 hollow rocks

Option B: 10 Rounds For Time

10 squat jumps

5 push ups

5 hollow rocks

*Looking for a challenge, make your push ups incline/decline, 1-leg, or add weight!*

REST (as more than 5 min)

5 Rounds

Min 1: 5 burpees

Min 2:...

March 28, 2020

Rest Day:) 

Enjoy some down time without a prescribed workout. I really do miss seeing everyone on a consistent basis and am praying we are all back together again soon. 

If you are looking for workout, do something different like go on a long walk, ride your bike, do some yoga, or stretching; cross-train somehow. 

March 27, 2020

Join me for FB live workout tomorrow , Saturday morning at 8am!!

Happy Saturday everyone. I am going to be adding some strength options to workouts next week, so here is a chance to get creative. Equipment is still available at the gym, just let me know when you need to stop by!

Daily Movement:

100 air squats

50 push ups

**Murph is about 2 months away and this is a great opportunity to prep**

Home WOD Day 5

A.)Tabata Style Saturday:each move is 8 rounds: 20 sec work: 10 sec rest

Movement A:  OH press (u...

March 27, 2020

At Home Day 4: FRIDAY!!

Miss you guys! 

Part A: go weighted on these if you can!


6 plank triangles(knee to elbow to opposite elbow.. alternate legs)

12 walking lunges

24 russian twists

36 butt kicks

15 sec hollow hold

REST 3 min 

Part B: 

EMOM 8( 50 sec work: 10 sec rest)

min 1: forwards or backwards small arm circles 

min 2: front hold (grab an object 8-15 bs and hold in front like we would a plate)

**rest as needed**

March 25, 2020

Home WOD Day #3: 

Take it one day at a time here! How is everyone feeling after yesterday? Body weight movements here, but push hard through each round to make each interval worth it! 

10 RFT 

10 broad jumps

20 high knees

30 jumping jacks

40 plank shoulder taps( each tap is a rep)

rest 30 sec

(*if you need more rest , take it. Try not to let your heart rate come down too much!)

March 24, 2020


Daily Movement:

100 air squats 

50 push ups

A. For Time: 

AMRAP 25: ( do 1 rep of each, 2 reps of each, 3 reps...)

> jump lunges (each leg)

> burpees 

> ab mat sit ups  or regular sit ups or v ups

REST as needed between A and B

B. 5 Rounds

30 squat pulses( go as low as you can and make your pulse small)

30 sec wall sit (add weight for a challenge)

March 23, 2020

Daily Work: Day 1

(do throughout the day and post videos on Instagram , tag us and tag a HBCF buddy too)

100 air squats or lunges

50 push ups 

** I am going to probably break up this work to 25 in the AM, 25 in the PM!


A. ) AMRAP 15

12 air squats

24 flutter kicks ( L+R =1 )

12 push ups

24 lateral hops (jump over ANYTHING!!)

REST 2 min after the 15 min  

B. E90 sec x 9 rounds

(1 min work : 30 sec rest)

1. cross body mtn climbers

2. plank jacks

3. elevator planks (high plank to low plank...

March 21, 2020


Partner A works while Partner B completes their 2 rounds, then switch and repeat!

Partner A:


22 mtn climbers

11 push press

Partner B: 

2 rounds 

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 air squats

barbell: 75/55

**choose a reasonable pull up and push up option that you can sustain for the majority of the 25 minutes!

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